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Large Dried Lavender & Eucalyptus Letterbox Gift, 30cm, Letterbox Flowers, Dried Flower Arrangement

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A letterbox gift containing a 30cm dried lavender and eucalyptus floral arrangement suitable for a small vase. A lovely long lasting alternative to fresh flowers.

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We grow our own lavender and eucalyptus to make up these letterbox gifts. The lavender has been cut and air dried this summer and the eucalyptus will be cut to order throughout the autumn and winter months. It’s a great way to keep floral arrangements going once summer comes to an end. 

I usually dry the eucalyptus for a couple of days within the letterbox packaging as this keeps it flexible enough to reach you in good condition but dried enough to maintain its shape once arranged in a vase upon arrival. The eucalyptus will arrive slightly flattened by the packaging but I find this creates a pretty appearance in a vase and the leaves can be gently moved into place within your arrangement, without curling up.

We will include around 20 stems of lavender and 3-4 stems of eucalyptus. The 30cm length stems are perfect for a small vase. Designed for letterbox delivery this makes a really lovely, affordable and convenient gift but is also lovely if you want to treat yourself.

Keeping your dried flowers dry and away from direct sunlight will help to maintain their colour and condition for many months. Eucalyptus is toxic to animals if ingested, please keep out of reach of household pets.

Feel free to add a gift message if required and we will print this on a label attached to the inner lid of the letterbox packaging. We loosely tie the flowers with jute ribbon and cover with kraft tissue paper including care instructions and any precautions for your recipient.

We send all our orders tracked via first class Royal Mail.

As every box is made to order, please let us know if you have any specific requirements. I am happy to help if you need larger quantities for an event or would like a custom arrangement. We grow a couple of varieties of eucalyptus and lavender so your arrangement may vary slightly in appearance or shading due to natural variations but will resemble the images shown fairly closely.

Available to ship to England, Scotland and Wales only.

I hope you love your dried flowers as much as I enjoy growing them and putting the gift boxes together.


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