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Eucalyptus Breeze Essential Oil Blend Tin Candle Gift Box With Dried Flowers

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Eucalyptus Breeze, a eucalyptus essential oil blend candle with just a hint of spicy bay & clove. Beautifully presented in a gift box with home grown dried flowers included. The perfect gift for candle lovers and treat for those seeking a moment of self care and relaxation during their daily routine.

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Eucalyptus breeze is a natural wax candle, hand poured with rapeseed and coconut wax, blended with eucalyptus essential oil and just a hint of spicy bay and clove. The distinctive and fresh scent of eucalyptus is perfectly encased within our rose gold candle tins, simply lift the lid to release the invigorating aromas, then light the candle to enjoy a sensory escape to rejuvenate your space and promote a sense of tranquility. Imagine a serene oasis as you light the wick, where the gentle whisper of eucalyptus in the wind, meets the spicy richness of clove and the warm, earthy depth of bay leaves.

Every candle comes beautifully presented and can include a printed gift message and a complimentary bundle of our home grown dried flowers within a gift box, making the perfect gift of self care for any occasion. Whether you are seeking a moment of relaxation, a fragrant backdrop for meditation, or a touch of natural scent within your daily routine, our essential oil blend candles are the perfect choice to both illuminate your space and create a natural fresh ambiance.

The net~100g candle will burn for around 20 hours and is contained within a rose gold tin, making it portable and a convenient size, ideal for travel and for gifting. The candle lid helps to keep the scent encased


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